My approach to managing your Mental Health and Wellbeing is predominantly person-centred. This means that I will provide a safe space where you feel heard, supported, and not judged for who you are, what you do, and how you relate to others. In Counselling, we will work together to explore issues that are holding you back from engaging in life and doing what matters to you.

In addition to working with you face-to-face, I also provide Online Counselling services and eMental Health programs that are tailored to your needs. The therapy and eMental Health programs I provide can help you to:

  • Maintain personal wellbeing and reduce depression and anxiety
  • Improve your ability to manage your emotions and cope with stress
  • Improve your self awareness and understanding of others’ intentions and behaviour
  • Increase your assertiveness and improve your self-esteem
  • Create and maintain personal boundaries
  • Recover from life-long problems

It is a brave move to step out from the known and into the unknown. Considering taking me on as your therapist means that you are willing to commit to doing what it takes to move forward. I want to acknowledge your courage in this process, and ask that you take a moment to appreciate who you are as a person.

I am passionate about supporting you to create new meaning and opportunities in life.



Typically, I see clients for counselling sessions in private consulting rooms located in the Melbourne suburb of Balaclava. If you would like to make an appointment to see me face-to-face, then please proceed to the online booking system to view currently available appointment times.

Mental Health Counselling – Melbourne

In addition to seeing clients face-to-face, I also offer online or eCounselling sessions for clients who live remotely (e.g., interstate, in rural areas, or overseas), and for clients during COVID-19 times. eCounselling can be particularly beneficial for people who prefer to see someone that is not from their local community or when counselling services are limited. Other people find eCounselling especially helpful for enabling them to talk about intimate personal or sexual matters. If you would like to make an eCounselling appointment, then please proceed to the online booking system to view currently available appointment times.

Mental Health Counselling – Online

If you would like to know more about the counselling process prior to making a booking, please contact me +61 (0) 426 648 862 to discuss what’s involved and whether counselling is right for you.

Download my audio meditation on managing anxiety and self worth in love, in life, and in relationships